Who we are

BPeople aims to create and design high quality saddles for every type of biker and for every type of activity from the race, to the professional race, to the amateur ride.

Categorically made in Italy designed and manufactured by highly qualified staff, BPeople saddles are high quality products that show the craftsmanship of detail and sometimes hide the process of engineering and study.

Thanks to the wide range of products, BPeople is always ready to satisfy every type of customer.

The world change, our needs too. Selle Bassano, is the leading company in the development and manufacturing of electric bicycle saddles, we innovate and think about the needs of the e-rider every day, we are close to him and we understand him. ...We take care of the needs and comfort of those who use the bicycle to go to work (the commuter) to those who respect the environment and want a better future, but do not want to give up to comfort. For these reasons we have created a new technology, a new way of thinking about comfort for the e-rider: the new and exclusive 5Zone system. After years of research and studies, thanks to our partners and the feedback we receive every day from the ebike’s user, we decided to improve our most famous technology the 3Zone Comfort System and offer something more: 2 new zones completely redesigned, which will join the already known system, completing and improving it, raising it to a new standard. A step forward in development to remain inimitable and unique.

Bpeople technology

Passion, Creativity and Character: elementary but fundamental characteristics, at the basis of the innovation and style of BPeople.

Thanks to these simple features, BPeople has succeeded in developing patents and researching the most exclusive and innovative materials. Each BPeople product is the result of a rigorous production process that combines the highest safety standards with the craftsmanship of detail to offer a unique and distinctive product.

An idea, a project that comes from the desire to offer the cyclist an artifact that conveys the same passion, the same pride that BPeople feels in making it happen.

To achieve these levels of excellence, BPeople chooses to produce, design and design its products entirely in Italy.

Because passion is one, but you can choose style.

Born from the anatomical study and the experience of Bassano Selle, thanks to a special multi-density material and special ergonomics, we have divided the biker seating area into 5 anatomical zones with different lift for design and compliance, which respect and follow the curves of the body and allow the weight to be unloaded in a personalized way. ...The differentiated and delimited zones are identified by different details on the surface. The technology with differentiated zones presents different degrees of rigidity and prevents pains in the perineal part in prolonged daily use and the soreness of the peripheral joints, linked to an incorrect weight distribution. The system favors a better support of the back and of the whole spine and helps to alleviate the pains and to favor the blood circulation of the lower limbs.

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